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Flexible, Hassle-Free Stocking Funding from LE Capital

By Richard Withers »
Richard Withers | Head of Asset Security at LE Capital

Independent finance house LE Capital explains how it can help dealers manage cashflow more easily and reduce their administrative burden.

LE Capital is a specialist funder which offers flexible, hassle-free stocking funding to help UK independent car dealerships to grow.

The team is led by George Stancliffe, CEO, who set out the company’s unique proposition, saying: “At LE Capital, we focus on building long-lasting partnerships with our customers, and as a totally independent finance house we can be laser-focused on developing innovative stock funding products and offering excellent customer service.

“Following a recent investment round in June 2021 from Wallop Ventures, and together with a new committed banking facility with Paragon Bank, I am incredibly excited to be able to grow our operations across the UK in 2022 and build on the stellar reputation our team already has in the market.”

LE Capital’s team has funded over £250m of cars and LCVs and has extensive knowledge of the independent dealership market.

Its product has been designed to help businesses manage cashflow more easily by getting rid of early capital repayments, funding cars up to 240 days without multiple fee charges, and paying the full trade invoice value of cars (including auction and delivery fees).

The offering significantly reduces the administrative burden of businesses, since LE Capital manages direct payments to many of the largest auction houses in the UK and has the flexibility to onboard other trade vendors.

Furthermore, businesses that partner with LE Capital will have a clear understanding of the total costs involved with LE Capital’s simple charging structure, wrapping all charges payable into one monthly fee.

All of this means that dealers can focus on their business rather than how they are financing their stock.

Lisa Bayliss, Head of Sales and Dealer Service, described how she sees the current market, saying: “We understand that choosing the right funding partner is a crucial decision for car dealerships and there are lots of options out there that are either unnecessarily complicated or offer poor customer service or both.

“However, we see time and time again that when a dealer is onboarded with LE Capital they find our product and processes a breath of fresh air.”

If you would like to speak to one of the team about stocking funding, please get in touch at or on 0116 502 0116.

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